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Welcome To Proper Cup

We spent a lot of time and effort creating a space for the community. Come enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee in a comfortable atmosphere. A space where we are always glad you are here.

Proper Cup services the greater Livingston County. With our ideal location between Brighton and Howell we bring a proper cup of coffee to both communities. 


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Our Brew Methods —


Pour Over

pour-over coffee is a method which involves pouring hot water over roasted, coarsely ground coffee beans contained in cone shaped filter, creating a bold cup of coffee. Water seeps through the ground coffee, using gravity, absorbing the coffee's oils and essences of the bean itself, It then passes through the bottom of the filter and into a carafe for serving,

French Press

french press is a brewing method that requires hot water added to coarsely ground coffee in a beaker type brewer. The coffee is steeped similar to brewing tea allowing the coffee oils to steep into the water. A pores (screen) plunger is then pushed down separating the grounds from the water leaving a bold brewed coffee drink.  This method will retain the oils of the bean making for a bold robust cup of java.


AeroPress coffee is a brewing technique where as the ground coffee is steeped for approximately 2 to 4 minuets in hot water and then forced through a filter by pressing the solid plunger through the tube. The coffee is thus forced through a paper filter similar to a french press and espresso.  


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2340 Genoa Business Park Drive. Brighton, MI 48114




Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm

Sat, 8am – 2pm

Closed Sunday



(810) 956-4719

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